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Why WhaleAds

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Exclusive CTV Inventory

Find unique audiences with our exclusive connected TV ad inventory through rich interactive ad formats and creative cross-screen capabilities.


Actionable Analytics

A data driven platform that assists marketers to reach the target audience through accurate measurements.


Measurable Results

Our single platform supports real-time login and third party intervention for monitoring purposes.


Data Protection & Compliance

Strictly abide by the regulatory requirements of various countries on data privacy and digital advertising, such as GDPR in EU, LGPD in Brazil, etc.

Benefits of CTV Advertising

Big Screen Big Experience

Advertising on large screens provides more brilliant viewing experience.

Multi-user with One Screen

For the entire family, precise audience targeting with optimal reach.

Meaningful Digital Results

Advertising on large screens provides more brilliant viewing experience.

Get More Interactive

Interactive Connected TV Ads will drive more actions from user.

More Effective Impressions

Increases brand awareness and conversion rate among your target audience.

More Cost-effective

Reach your target audience and goals in a highly cost-effective way.

Gain More Attention

CTV ads outperform other platforms and boasts a better completion rate.

Rich Ad Formats

Such as linear video ads, autoplay ads, display ads, interactive ads, etc.

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