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What is Whale Photo?

Whale Photo OS

We provide one-stop smart solutions for digital photo frames (system software, cloud service and mobile app), offering simple, flexible, and fun experiences for your loved ones.

Whale Photo Frame

Whale Photo Frame displays photos or videos of great moments shared from connected mobile devices. Through touchscreen it enables various easy-to-use functions.

Whale Photo App

Whale Photo App supports both Android and iOS. The app enables easy-sharing anytime, anywhere with connected Whale Photo Frames.


Compatible Control Modes
Compatible with both remote control and touch screen.Easy operation even for children and elderly people.
Instant Sharing
Syncs to your photo frame from the cloud server, sharing anytime, anywhere.
Multiple Accounts Connection
Support unlimited account binding via QR Code or SN Code.
Motion Sensor
Auto detction of human motions, auto turn on/off screen to save energy.
High Compatibility
Compatible with mainstream main boards in the market. Supports Android 6.0 and above.
Stable Cloud Service
Our server coverage reaches 198 countries with guaranteed responding speed.
Alexa Voice Assistant
A built in virtual assistant that enables voice “communication” with the photo frame.
Weather Forecast
Auto sync weather forecast information to help planning ahead.

Why Choose Us



Shorten the development cycle of both hardware and software design to a great extent.



Making the product ready for launch through a simple process.

Cloud Service

Cloud Service

Provide cloud-to-cloud integration service directly for the hardware, eliminating the entire process of cloud service development.

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