Key Features

Alexa Built-In

An AI assisted display delivers the world (visually) with the sound of your voice.

  Personal assistant (weather, calendar, timer…)
Communications (calling, messaging, and announcements)
Entertainment (music, news, video…)
IOT control (door cam, lighting, sweeping robot…)

whaleOS Touch UI & Whale Recommendation

Optional Content On Home Screen

You can choose to display beautiful photos from your cloud albums[1] on home screen, also can turn on the recommendation switch to get the wonderful content recommendation of Whale cloud.

[1] It can only be turned on after obtaining your permission and account authorization. And can be closed at any time.

Whale Video Skill Supported

Whale Video Skill allows users to get better audio-visual entertainment experience on smart displays.

More Fun On Whale

Some intimate features can help you enjoy whale's services better.

  • Easy to enjoy interesting and exciting content from Apps and Bookmarks
  • Take photos and upload them to your cloud album to share your happiness at any time
  • More music options with Bluetooth connection
  • Rotation Adaptation [2]

[2] G-sensor needed