whaleOS - Bring The World Home !

whaleOS is an innovative smart TV operating system, aiming at excellence in performance and efficiency. whaleOS provides smart home entertaining technology that allows extraordinary user experience.

Massive Catalogue Of Localized Popular Apps

A great variety of applications provided allows wonderful entertainment experiences at home.

  • Whale AI Voice

  • With certified Alexa skills - Whale Video

Alexa official certification

You can say:


"What's the weather in Beijing ?"
"Play Music"
"Volume Up / Volume Down"
"Open Netflix"
"Go Home"
"Go to Network Settings"
"Search titanic"

Whale Play - Turn Your TV Into A Second Monitor

Use the Whale Play app to project mobile content onto TV screens, providing more choices for the home entertainment experience.

  • Easy sharing through social media platforms or the interactive communities designed exclusively for Whale users.

  • Projecting media contents to TV screen through simple steps. Creating happy moments through sharing.

  • The built-in Alexa voice service within Whale Play recognizes various voice commands.

  • The voice function guarentees instant response, providing extra options other than pressing remote control buttons.

Wireless Display

To project media contents, such as photos, games and music for personal and family times.

Flexible Customized Service

Help brands create exclusive styles and provide core competitiveness in the market.